Girls Choir start-up

Thanks to our donors, the Capella Regalis Girls Choir launched in September 2022.

Capella Regalis Men & Boys Choir was founded by director Nick Halley in 2010 as a free, mentor-based music training program for boys. In September 2022, we fulfilled a long-time dream and added a parallel choir for girls. As with the Men & Boys Choir, the Girls Choir provides a completely free music education for youth from various backgrounds.

Choristers in the Capella Regalis Girls Choir receive weekly rehearsals in which they develop the skills of listening, focus, vocal production, and music literacy. They engage with the finest repertoire of the last 1,000 years from all over the world. They sing Evensongs and concerts in the gorgeous acoustic of Halifax's Cathedral Church of All Saints. They participate in concert tours, choir camps, and collaborative projects with other musicians. Vanessa Halley, the Executive Director of Capella Regalis, serves as the inaugural musical director of the Girls Choir. 

If you know a girl who likes to sing, please contact Vanessa at, or visit our Auditions page. We offer rolling auditions through the year for girls interested in joining the program. 

In July 2022, the Girls Choir Start-Up fundraising campaign started with a $20,000 crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo. Thanks to the generosity of 97 individuals, we surpassed our $20,000 crowdfunding goal two days before the end of our campaign, and finished at $21,795! We also received matching contributions from a core group of donors who gave $5,000 each to match our crowdfunding goal (and actually, more-than-match it). Still more donors donated generously through traditional means to support the launch of our Girls Choir.
We are deeply grateful to each person who has donated to Capella Regalis. We are able to offer a free music education in a centuries-old tradition to boys and girls of all backgrounds thanks to the generosity of many individual supporters. Interested supporters may visit the Donate page here on our website for instructions on how to make a tax-deductible contribution to Capella Regalis at any time. 
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