Letter to Our Donors, 2014

Oct 21, 2014

Dear Donor,

I hope that the CD you are receiving with this letter brings you some well-deserved pleasure and joy. Within this recording I think you will be able to discern the still, small (or sometimes quite large) voice of passion and love of music-making that the men and boys have so quickly acquired. It is truly remarkable that this choir is just under five years old! This winter Capella Regalis will celebrate its fifth birthday. 

I am continuously struck by the power of this educational model: singing the finest music, as well as possible, is an amazing, unique experience. Most of the boys in Capella Regalis would never even have come across this opportunity – never have considered the possibility of learning music at this level, and singing it with all they’ve got – if it weren’t for this choir. 

You have every reason to be proud of this 5-year-old that you have faithfully supported and nurtured. But you must know that without your support, our programme simply would not be possible – there would be no Capella Regalis, no rehearsals, services, concerts, camps, tours; and certainly no recording. 

Last year was a particularly thin year for us financially, but our programming did not suffer, thanks to the willingness of our devoted staff. The choir continued with its weekly Evensongs, rehearsals, concerts, and even this recording, which constitutes a truly exciting new page for us. The choir is free to all boys who pass an audition. Transportation to and from rehearsals, services, and concerts is provided by volunteers for those boys who otherwise would not be able to participate. In addition to the Senior Choir, there are now 10 junior boys in the Friday Programme run by Nick Veltmeyer. For older boys with changing voices, we have initiated a weekly rehearsal to help them make the leap to the men’s section. Our volunteer numbers are going up. Our audience continues to grow. We continue to offer free school shows around Halifax, outreach Evensongs and concerts in places beyond the city gates, and the ever-popular choir camp in August, which leaves the boys with memories they will carry forever. 

As Vanessa and I proceed with fund-raising efforts through grant-writing and structural development, I am made acutely aware of the power of the individual donor. It is the individual donor who is the backbone of a thriving non-profit organization. You understand what we are doing right here in Nova Scotia and are willing to support it.  It is your gift, whatever shape or size, that has made this choir a real, thriving entity and it is your gift that will sustain us into the future as we continue in our mission. 

Please continue to make this dream a living reality so that we can, as the CD says, “celebrate our 500-year anniversary in due course.” 

Thank you, 

Nick Halley, Artistic Director