CR Boys Kickstart Season with Choir Camp 2022

Sep 5, 2022

Members of Capella Regalis enjoyed a five-day choir camp (CR's 10th annual!) at Saint Anne's Camp in West Dalhousie, Nova Scotia, from August 29 - September 2. The Young Men (known at camp as Chaperones-in-Training) provided leadership together with Team Awesome. Immersed in the beauty of Nova Scotia's backcountry, the group spent their days enjoying what has now become well-established choir camp tradition: Crocker games, Polar Bear dips, canoeing on the lake, delicious meals, campfire hangs, and Skit Night. Two rehearsals a day provided the choir some time to prepare for a busy fall season, especially for their performance of the Missa Gaia/Earth Mass, coming up on October 2 at the Cathedral Church of All Saints! For a full list of the choir's upcoming events, click here

We gratefully acknowledge the Segelberg Trust, a grant from which funded in part Choir Camp 2022.