Song For Canada - P. Halley


SONG FOR CANADA was commissioned by Barbara Clark and the Ottawa Central Choir (1989)

Sing! Sing a new song, sing loud and strong,
sing of this land of our hopes and our dreams.
Rich harmonies of races and creeds
join in the chorus from sea unto sea:
Where the whale's ancient lullaby
meets the song of the wind in the whispering pines,
all our voices come together, always singing,
"Land of tomorrow, your time has come."

Oui, qu'un nouveau chant dise á présent
un voeu d'accord qui doit remplir nos coeurs.
Peuples divers, touchant les deux mers,
heureux voisins, ne formez qu'un seul choeur
pour melanger tous vos accents aux refrains
des cognées dansant sous les vents.
Que nos voix ensemble chantent et rechantent,
"Oui, bel aujourd'hui, vois mon pays!"

Sing! Sing of new birth, sing of the earth,
sing of great mountains that reach for the sky.
Proud cities swell, vast plains do tell
of the promise and hope for the future that lies
in the loon's timeless melody,
in the cry of an eagle that's soaring free.
All our voices come together, singing,
"Land of tomorrow, your time has come."

Music & words by Paul Halley
(c) 1989 Back Alley Music (ASCAP)
Administered by Pelagos Incorporated.
All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.


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