Online Learning

Coming soon: Unlock the language of music with our free online course!

In March 2023, Capella Regalis held a series of introductory workshops in which Artistic Director Nick Halley taught the basics of music reading to a group of our young choristers. These live workshops were professionally audio-video recorded for future production of a free online Music Literacy Course that will be available right here on our website for anyone to learn at their own pace. 

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to donations from individual donors and a grant from The Anglican Foundation of Canada awarded in December 2023, we are now able to move forward with production of the online course. Please stay tuned for more information -- we will alert our email and regular mail subscribers when the course is live here on our website!

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Music is so often perceived, by children and adults alike, as a difficult and utterly foreign language. Our hope is to help break down common barriers to enjoyment and participation in singing activities, whether it's singing in a choir or simply being able to sing hymns in church, by providing free and basic instruction on how to read and sing music in its written form.

Vanessa Halley, Executive Director