An email from Wayne Hankey to share

Dec 5, 2012

Last evening, December 4th, the choir sang its final Evensong for this semester. Today we received this lovely email:

"Last night Capella Regalis sang their last Evensong of the Michaelmas Term at King's. I want to share with you my enthusiasm for the choir as they reach a new high stage of quality and range in their singing. "Adam lay ybounden" as the Introit, Psalm 23 to Turle, Canticles to Stanford, a devilishly (or angelicly) hard anthem by Byrd, and "Lo He Comes" with a descant which left me with goose pimples from the top of my head all the way down!
I know of nothing more hopeful in the College and in the North American Church than the creation and ever greater success of this choir.

Make hearing them part of building your hope for His Coming this Advent."

Dr Wayne J. Hankey
Carnegie Professor and Chairman
Department of Classics with Religious Studies
Dalhousie University and Kings College


Thank you, Dr Hankey for these kind words and your support of Capella Regalis!