Nick's Letter to the audience - TBWK 2015

Dec 25, 2015

From the 2015 To Bethlehem with Kings concert programme:


Dear Friends, 

In early November, four new boys were ‘invested’ into the Senior Choir, in our annual ceremony of Investiture of New Choristers during an Evensong for the Octave of All Saints.  For the first time, this Investiture service took place in All Saints Cathedral (as all our Tuesday Evensongs do this year) and it was wonderful to see a great crowd there in attendance.  At the appointed time in the service, the four boys walked up to the main altar where I presented them to our Chaplain, Fr Gary Thorne, with the formal language stating that I found them to be fit and ready choristers, and then the Investiture lessons and prayers were read and the boys formally committed themselves to the task of giving their best to the singing of glorious music.  They then kneeled, donned their white surplice and, equipped with two presents – a fine pencil from the Chaplain and a tuning fork from me – they returned to their stalls in time to sing Wesley’s beautiful anthem “Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace”. We then sent everyone off with the rousing closing hymn (complete with Paul Halley descant) “Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones”. 

Those four boys have in fact been singing with the Senior Choir since at least September, and before that they were all in our Probationers’ Program. But now they are officially choristers of Capella Regalis. After the service, as we were congregating in the nave of the Cathedral with a marvelous spread of food and drink provided by the parents (and even a bit of bubbly wine), one of our astute patrons said something to me which I haven’t forgotten: “This is a great event, Nick – it lends structure to those boys’ lives”.  

That was it – very simple really – but what he said has stuck with me, as I realize that it encapsulates so much of what we are doing.  We are indeed trying to build structure: one that allows the boys and young men to learn in a meaningful way about music and life and commitment and the joys of aspiring to greater excellence. Thanks to three great institutions in Nova Scotia: Musique Royale, The University of King’s College, and now All Saints Cathedral, we continue to grow in our capacity to offer this extraordinary experience to young people.  

But we raise the funds necessary for all of this through your generous contributions. Thank you for continuing to make Capella Regalis a real, life-giving entity in the lives of young boys, families, audiences, listeners and supporters alike.  It has been a landmark fifth year for Capella Regalis and I hope you will consider donating to our ongoing program as we approach the end of 2015.  

You will find instructions for giving on the facing page.